IRIS Self-Directed Personal Care (IRIS SDPC) is an option for receiving personal cares that is available to people in the IRIS waiver program. You can learn more about IRIS SDPC on the Wisconsin Department of Health’s website here.

If you are already in IRIS or choose to participate in IRIS and meet the criteria for Medicaid Personal Care, you will have a choice between IRIS SDPC or agency-based personal care through a certified Medicaid Personal Care Agency (MAPC) agency and your Medicaid ForwardHealth card. People enrolled in any certified IRIS Consultant Agency can access Self-Directed Personal Care.

In IRIS SDPC, people who need physical assistance with care such as dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring, mobility, assistance with eating and with medications can hire, train and oversee their own workers. Once referred, an SDPC RN works with an IRIS person to set up a person-centered plan of care called “My Cares.” This care plan is determined by the participant, the nurse and the physician to ensure personal care needs are met. Once enrolled, an SDPC RN will partner with you to oversee your “My Cares” plan of care. People enrolled in any certified IRIS Consultant Agency can access Self Directed Personal Care.

For more information on eligibility, click here. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

For more information talk with your IRIS Consultant.