TMG has been on the forefront of numerous efforts to integrate best practices into local child welfare programs and improve the quality of these programs, as well as support the Department of Children and Families in plans to redesign the child welfare system.


  • Child Welfare System Redesign – TMG planning, analysis and development for a redesigned system involves extensive outreach and engagement with current child welfare agencies, foster and adoptive licensing and resource agencies, the courts, the tribes, schools, corrections, mental health, public health, long-term care, law enforcement, public assistance (W-2) and economic support agency representatives, Medicaid, and other stakeholders.


  • Child Welfare Quality Service Review Program Development – TMG, in partnership with The Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group and the Children’s Court Initiative sponsored by the Director of State Courts, supported best practice integration in child welfare through various activities.


  • Quality Improvement Project for Child Welfare eWiSACWIS – TMG worked in partnership with a statewide project steering committee to provide staff in support of the eWiSACWIS Quality Improvement Project Plan. This project was in response to significant county concerns about the usability of the statewide child welfare information, and had three major goals to:


    •  Use quality improvement methodology to analyze data (customer surveys, system metrics, etc.), interview and observe workers, and consult with users of the system to determine needed changes.
    • Implement changes in system process, training and procedures that will reduce workload and increase satisfaction as quickly as possible.
    • Develop a sustainable continuous quality improvement (CQI) process, using the goals of efficiency, effectiveness, and error handling recovery, and assign responsibility that could include regularly-scheduled worker surveys, a regular user advisory group, eWiSACWIS reports on use and practice for feedback, and review of the change management process.