TMG is a Wisconsin organization built on a foundation of relationships

The ones we nurture with advocates and community resources statewide

The ones that develop when our 700-person team collaborates to find solutions

Those that we share with our state partners to ensure that the programs we administer on their behalf are run effectively and efficiently

The most rewarding relationships of all – those that result from our partnerships
with people in the self-directed IRIS program

With experience in community-based long-term care since 1986, TMG leverages multi-disciplinary expertise in program design, policy development, nursing, social work, research, training and data and utilization analysis. We help to support and improve the services that thousands of our Wisconsin neighbors rely on for health, safety and personal fulfillment.

Our staff lives and works in communities throughout the state in order to best connect with people in IRIS and the resources that support them to live in their communities.

Driven by a focused mission and a genuine concern for our neighbors, TMG is on a constant path of innovation and improvement. If you’re fueled by the same uncompromising passion, visit our careers section to learn about current opportunities to join our team!

TMG… let’s clear the path ahead.